Beautiful Exchange

We are a registered 501(c)3 organization dedicated to funding and supporting global hunger , poverty programs, and disaster relief projects. We are 100% volunteer based, taking no salaries for our services and the organization of short term mission trips..

Viviana Gillis

Director - Mission's Coordinator

Viviana was born in Quito Ecuador and her heart’s desire was going back to her country and help the people she left behind when she decided to begin a new adventure in USA. With a bag and many dreams, she asked God to use her to bring hope and comfort to the poor and needy. God opened the doors for her and with the support of her husband, together they started Beautiful Exchange in 2010. Soon after the formation, several churches and organizations, international and local, joined forces to make short term trips a reality. Thanks to the local volunteers in each country, and your generous donations, Viviana and her team have been able to help indigenous communities, orphanages, and nursery homes, spreading the message of love and hope. Even in the midst of uncertain times and global commotion we can make a difference in someone else's life

Chris Gillis

Chief Financial Officer – Accounting MBA

Native from Florida, Chris is the pillar of the organization, as operational and financial manager he is in charge of the smooth running of resources and donations received. He maintains records and provides our sponsors and donors with an annual report that can be used on their taxes.

Jose y Maria Rosario

International Coordinators

Ps. Joe and Maria are Director Associates. They provide assistance with accessing services, resources and referrals for needs such as: transportation, emergency clothes, food donations, and other community resources. We are blessed and thankful for their lives, their passionate and generous heart!